Carroll County has a connection to nearly every industry.

Life Sciences and Healthcare Technologies

Can Life Sciences and Healthcare Technology companies thrive in Carroll County?

Yes, they can… Right here.

Georgia’s Technology sector is home to more than 13,000 technology companies that deal in key IT sub-sectors that include Digital Media, Healthcare and Financial Services. Georgia’s Healthcare Technology sector generates revenues in excess of $4 billion dollars which ranks it among the top states in the Healthcare Technology sector.

Georgia is home to research and development centers such as the Georgia Centers for Advanced Telecommunications Technology and the Advance Technology Development Center. They both provide a devoted incubator to launching new technology companies. Carroll County hosts a recognized innovator in medical IT, Greenway Healthcare, developers of integrated electronic health records management systems. With their world-headquarters in Carrollton, Greenway employees over 600 top software developers and technology specialists.


Georgia is home to 238 aerospace companies that employ nearly 25,000 in aerospace manufacturing and in air transportation support. Georgia is home to the world’s busiest airport, expanding military bases, and has access to the country’s fastest-growing port. Georgia is home to the Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, the #2 undergraduate and #4 graduate aerospace engineering program in the nation. Georgia is among the top of the nation in producing aerospace graduates.

Georgia’s total aerospace exports worldwide topped $4.3 billion in 2010 ranking fourth in the nation, exceeding such countries as Brazil, Spain, Japan, Russia, and China. Georgia is home to a business-friendly tax code and incentives that encourage manufacturing growth. Global and national aerospace leaders such as Lockheed Martin a U.S Defense contractor, Gulfstream Aerospace, and the Boeing Company all call Georgia home. Georgia has access to the latest research in the aerospace industry due to the fact that Georgia colleges and universities spent more than $500 million dollars in research and testing facilities in recent years.

Carroll County is home to International Component Repair a designated FAA repair station – one of the few in the country. ICR repairs airframe and power plant components to meet or exceed required specifications.

Food Processing

Georgia is home to a robust Food Processing industry that includes more than 600 companies and employs 61,000 people. The food processing industry in Georgia is the leading manufacturing industry in the state that contributes $10.65 billion to state’s GDP.

Thirty-eight of the top 100 food processing companies call Georgia home. Georgia companies are able to take advantage of the cost-free Georgia Quick Start workforce training program, expanding agricultural industry, and world-class agribusiness research. The United States’fastest-growing container port in Savannah allows for easy access to the world market. Georgia is also home to the southeast’s most extensive rail system and intermodal hub. Georgia is also home to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport the world’s busiest.

The newest food processor to call Carroll County home is Trident Seafoods, providing frozen seafood processing for the eastern seaboard markets. They will be employing 180 people when fully operational. Carroll County is also home to Sugar Foods, a multinational food products company. Sugar Foods serves all segments of the food industry including foodservice, cash and carry, retail, specialty, and international markets. Over a 1000 times a second someone in the US consumes a product that Sugar Foods makes. Maplehurst Bakeries, a division of Weston Foods, is also regionally headquartered in Carroll County with over 200 employees processing baked goods for in-store bakeries such as Publix, Wholefoods and Kroger.

Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing in the state of Georgia is vital to the success of the state’s economy. The manufacturing sector employs about 9.1 percent of the state’s workforce and accounts of 11 percent of Georgia’s GDP. Georgia’s manufacturing sector has been growing with a 6.4% increase between 2009 and 2010 since the economic recession. Georgia’s manufacturing industry is home to a wide range of companies that are engaged in a variety of manufacturing industries, including food processing, textiles, metal products, and transportation equipment.

Georgia use the “Single Factor Gross Receipts” which treats the company’s gross receipts or sales in Georgia as the only determining factor in the company’s income subject to tax. Georgia is home to Quick Start an internationally acclaimed workforce training solution as an economic development incentive for new and expanding companies. Georgia also offers Centers of Innovation which are central sources for accelerating business growth through innovation and technology. Six industry-specific centers across the state allow for collaboration with leaders in university research, business and access to intellectual capital.

Yachiyo of America is the newest Tier 1 auto supplier to be welcomed to Carroll County. Once fully operational this Honda supplier will employ 230 producing gas tanks and sunroofs. Decostar, a subsidiary of Magna Corp., maintains a Carrollton-based Tier 1 auto supply operation employing 1300, and provides finished product to such companies as Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagon.

And More…

Our largest employers are a diverse group. The 20 largest employers in Carroll County operate in industries such as apparel, baked goods, construction, customer service and call centers, electric utilities, fiber optics, food processing, fulfillment and distribution, health care, higher education, information technology, manufacturing, metal fabrication, and packaging.

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