Workforce Development

Carroll County is an active participant in Georgia’s Work Ready initiative, in cooperation with West Georgia Technical College. The Work Ready certification assesses the skill levels of potential employees and matches these with the competencies needed by local employers. Several of the community’s larger employers are using the Work Ready profiles and assessments to garner the best employees. In addition, Carroll County supports the state’s newest training program, Go Build Georgia, to educate students on the opportunities in trade jobs and dispel misconceptions about the skilled trade industry. In partnership with the Carroll Chamber of Commerce, Carroll Tomorrow facilitates industrial tours throughout the year allowing educators and students to see first-hand many of the high wage, high skill jobs in our local industries.
A hallmark program initiated in Carroll County is Southwire’s five-year old 12 for Life program. Southwire, the largest industrial employer in the county, developed this unique program to train high school students from the Carroll County School system in a Southwire manufacturing plant, while motivating these at-risk youth to continue their education toward graduation. More than 400 students have successfully participated in the program, earning substantial wages, learning life skills and completing a high school diploma. The program has been touted nation-wide and is now being replicated by the State of Georgia as Georgia Great Promise Kids. Carroll Tomorrow has recently coordinated a Workforce Education Blue Ribbon Task Force of top industrial and business leadership to develop an implementation strategy for effectively linking workforce training needs to the education/training offerings of the local secondary and post-secondary educational programs. Over the next five years, this Task Force will coordinate their findings with the heads of the local school districts, the University and the Technical College, to affect direct program changes in developing a better skilled employee for our local businesses and industry.
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